Your F#%ked Up Relationship

Are you good at relationships? Neither are we. Grab your friends, lovers, and enemies and share your most messed up relationship stories at the nastiest show in town. Featuring some of Chicago’s top talent, YFUR will improvise the details of your juiciest past flings and remind you of why you dumped their a$$ in the first place.

Starring: Abby McEnany, Allison Ringhand, Ashley Victoria, Becca Slack, Brian Holden, Chuck Norment, Damon Royster, Eddie Klinker, EJ Cameron, Eric Rahill, Eunji Kim, Jack Felker, Jo Feldman, Julia Weiss, Katie McCarty, Kristin Ramsey, Liz Kirkwood, Manuela Mendoza, Marcos Barnes, Mary Catherine Curran, Nate Gold, Nicole Antonuccio, Ollie Hobson, Rob Wilson, Robel Arega, Scott Piebenga, Shelby Jo Plummer, Susan Glynn and Terrence Carey

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