Witty Cindy

Witty Cindy is: Sean Rickert Josh Draper

Show Date: 8/18
Show Time: 7 PM
Theater: Downstairs Event Space
**Included in Festival Pass and with 8/18 Nightly Pass

Witty Cindy is a musical comedy duo from the windy city that combines the class and elegance of the piano with the authenticity and earthiness of the African djembe drum. Their act blends ultra-catchy, graceful melodies about the nature of existence with powerful musical and harmonic precision that you’ll be singing in your head for days to come. Witty Cindy leaves no stones unturned in search of the answers to life’s greatest questions. Like, who the hell is Witty Cindy? Witty Cindy performs original comedy songs with their original video sketches throughout.

Witty Cindy is:

  • Sean Rickert

  • Josh Draper