SKORT is: Leah Johnston Allie Kirk Rachel Huvard Mary Williams Barber Michele Laubenthal Carly Gillum Ava Winckler Carolyn Sinon

Show Date: 8/17
Show Time: 9PM
Theater: Jason Chin Harold Cabaret
**Included in Festival Pass and with 8/17 Nightly Pass

Sassy and fun or classy and comfortable? Or both! A skort allows a lady to be the life of the party by just being herself. Now that’s one versatile garment and SKORT is one versatile team of ladies. Killing the Chicago comedy circuit since 2014, SKORT's signature form begins with a twist on optimism by polling the audience for something that is universally loved and adored. From there, the show unfolds into 2-person relationship scenes, group games and an anything-goes-run to the finish. Audiences delight at the hijinx, havoc, and humor that these eight dynamic women cook up on stage.