Show Your Flames

Show Your Flames is: Devin Sanclemente

Show Your Flames is a Bo Burnham warrior riding a David Lynch-ian tiger into all-out war. This show makes one thing clear: Devin Sanclemente is a freak! Pure magic! Devin casts a spell on his audience, guiding you to his otherworldly point of view; his wonderland lens before you even forget you're watching a show: In a world dictated by strict conformity, the road to true self-discovery can be nearly impossible to navigate. Fueled by pain, rejection, and confusion, people hide behind self-destructive masks in pursuit of an ever-lasting idea of who one should be, and never realize who one truly is. With a mind that works so drastically different from the societal norm, Devin Sanclemente has decided to finally try on the mask himself... but at what cost?

Show Date: Friday 8/10
Show Time: 11PM
Theater: Chris Farley Cabaret
**Included in Festival Pass and with 8/10 Nightly Pass

Show Your Flames is:

  • Devin Sanclemente