Oh Hell Yeah

Oh Hell Yeah is: Sean Coyle Erin Keif Harrison Lott Waleed Mansour Leila Gorstein Andrew Robinson Gaby Dixon Katrina Sly Hailey Palmer Katie Mccarty

Show Date: 8/15
Show Time: 8 PM
Theater: Jason Chin Cabaret
**Included in Festival Pass and with 8/15 Nightly Pass

Every Friday night enjoys two veteran Chicago teams that prove friendship is key to group-mind-driven improv. A hilarious show with a strong party vibe, Oh Hell Yeah features Alterboyz and Wetbus. These teams started as students, came together as friends, and promising to keep you coming back for more! (Plus a specialty show every last Friday of the month!)

Wet Bus:
Rayna Caskey, Sean Coyle, Erin Keif, Harrison Lott, Waleed Mansour, Hailey Palmer, Andrew Robinson

Katrina Sly, Leila Gorstein, Maddie Cordovano, Katie McCarty, and Gaby Dixon