MARIO is: Damian Anaya Cesar Jaime Jose Molina

Show Date: 8/16
Show Time: 10 PM
Theater: Del Close Theater
**Included in Festival Pass and with 8/16 Nightly Pass

'MARIO' Featuring Stand-Up by Sonal Aggarwal, Oscar "El Cuchillo" Carvajal, and Jaime de Leon.

This is a night of comedy in two acts featuring some of Chicago's finest Hispanic Sketch and Stand-Up artists!

“MARIO” (Damian Anaya, Cesar Jaime, Jose Molina)

Written and performed by Damian Anaya, Cesar Jaime, and Jose Molina, this sketch show highlights topics sensitive and familiar to the Hispanic community and injects humor into those things to make them relevant and funny for ANY audience.

This sketch show was the inspiration for their TV pilot, “Good Hombres”, which was an official selection in this year’s prestigious “New York Television Festival”.

Damian, Cesar and Jose have performed alongside each other for years, most notably with the all Spanish improv team, “HERALDO”. They’ve also appeared together in video shorts for the iO Comedy Network, and the youtube channel, “Notimanches”.

Sonal Aggarwal

Sonal Aggarwal is a world traveling performer. Raised in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, she left the country after college to travel the world. In March of 2015 while living in India as an artist and emcee, her life took a dramatic turn with a motorcycle accident that led her back to Chicago. During her rehabilitation, she realized that she was meant to do stand up comedy. Now, her infectious energy is on stage all over Chicago and soon, the world.

Oscar “El Cuchillo” Carvajal

Oscar Carvajal is a stand up comedian from the Chicago who has been doing stand up for four years. He is a regular performer at the Laugh Factory and has performed at other clubs in Chicago including The Comedy Bar and Zanies. Although he loves comedy, his true passion has always been soccer. Oscar started watching soccer during the 1994 World Cup and has been obsessed ever since. He watches soccer religiously and has a lot of interesting opinions and a great perspective on the world’s most popular sport.

Jaime de Leon

Jaime de Leon writes the blog El Choro, “a monthly news source for smart asses and sinvergüenzas,” published on Gozamos, an independent online magazine focused on Latino arts and activism. De Leon is also a comedian/producer at The Pilsen Stand Up Comedy Show in Chicago.