Karaoke Storytellers

Show Date: 8/12
Show Time: 8PM
Theater: The Mission Theater
**Included in Festival Pass and with 8/12 Nightly Pass

The Art of Karaoke is an improvised feature-length comedy currently being filmed in Chicago. In the film, Franny Giroux has grown tired of performing for drunken crowds who don’t appreciate the beauty and artistry of karaoke so he designs a show in which karaoke can be performed and observed at its highest level. This is that show.

See weekly performances from Franny Giroux, host Stephen Alec, and different members of the karaoke and comedy community here in Chicago. Some performers are in character, others come as they are. Each week is a journey in the hearts and minds of the rock stars among us. We reserve one slot each week for a volunteer audience member. If you have a song, you have a story.

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