Jim and Melissa

Jim and Melissa is: Reilly Wilson Shelby Quinn

Show Date: 8/13
Show Time: 10PM
Theater: Jason Chin Harold Cabaret
**Included in Festival Pass and with 8/13 Nightly Pass

Jim & Melissa are a queer sketch group from Chicago who explore the banality of human nature through comedy and performance art. In addition to the five original sketch shows written, performed and produced in Chicago, the duo headlined New York Sketchfest, toured to New Orleans, Austin, Seattle, Miami, and Portland, Maine, filmed several short films and sketch and showcased for Comedy Central and Odenkirk-Provissiero Entertainment.

Reilly Willson & Shelby Quinn are Jim & Melissa. Hailing from Chicago, this award-winning queer duo are the cyanide and Kool-Aid of sketch comedy; subversive and cult-y, but very sweet and brightly colored.

Jim and Melissa is:

  • Reilly Wilson

  • Shelby Quinn