Jammy Spaceplace

Jammy Spaceplace is: Bailey Holtz Matt Gold Meredith Weir Elvira Ibragimova Mitchell Stone Liz Wallace Jil Ross Logan Bowes

Show Date: 8/11
Show Time: 11PM
Theater: Chris Farley Cabaret
**Included in Festival Pass and with 8/11 Nightly Pass

A deceased Glam Rock star returns to Earth to relive his glory days of excess and debauchery. He finds, however, that the glamorous, hedonistic lifestyle he led in the seventies has been replaced by the bland, hyper-sensitive, and health-conscious lifestyle of 2017. Unable to cope with what he sees as gross societal degradation, he must find a way to return to Glam Heaven, or languish in obscurity on an unfamiliar Earth!