Emojinal Rollercoaster

Emojinal Rollercoaster is: Laura LeeLun Xyla Gatilao Perry Hunt Jacob Duffy Halbleib Anthony Cusumano Martin Copello

Show Date: 8/11
Show Time: 6 PM
Theater: Chris Farley Cabaret
**Included in Festival Pass and with 8/11 Nightly Pass

Here we go again!

Unsecure your laughter restraints and clap your hands at all times.

Keep your phones out so you can throw them at the top of the hill.

You are going to have your First World rocked and rolled into the stone age.

The Emojinal Rollercoaster will take you upside down into three role reversals until you fall out of your chair.

And just when you struggle to hold on to your stomachs, we'll take your hands, warm them with puppets and make you fall in love. People above and below 53 inches, double and single riders, and especially silly people enjoy this ride!

Cast List: Xyla Gatilao, Perry Hunt, Laura Leelun, Anthony Cusumano, Jacob Duffy Halbleib, and Martin Copello