Children of Divorce

Children of Divorce is: Caitlin Hollis Jack Hollis

Show Date: 8/18
Show Time: 9PM
Theater: Jason Chin Harold Cabaret
**Included in Festival Pass and with 8/18 Nightly Pass

Children of Divorce has such a fun dynamic on stage because they have been performing together since they could talk. They start every show by asking a fellow child of divorce in the audience to share a moment they remember from their parents divorce, and then they use that as the suggestion.
Children of Divorce has performed all over the Chicago comedy scene at shows such as: iO’s Indie Night, iO’s Smallprov, Annoyance Theater’s Clusterfuckers, The Crowd’s 48-hour Marathon, Cornservatory’s First Base with Good People, The Playground’s Tinny Teams, and more!
Every show they take some of thier emotional baggage and combined it with some of the emotional baggage of an audience memeber (i.e. their signature suggestion) to make a memorable show for all. This fun sibling duo is what happens when you get too much therapy as a child... or not enough, we’re not sure!

Children of Divorce is:

  • Caitlin Hollis

  • Jack Hollis