Bing Bong

Bing Bong is: Becky Markert Zoe Agapinan

Bing Bong wants to perform as a duo at the Bentwood Festival. We are a part of the weekly show Best Buds at the iO Theater, where we do take a suggestion and perform three short scenes as inspiration for three other indie teams. But in this slot, we would get to play in a full 15-20 minute slot. Most importantly, Bing Bong is about having Big Fun and Playing Honestly. We are excited to bring this energy to Bentwood, and share it with the festival!

Show Date: Friday 8/10
Show Time: 7PM
Theater: Jason Chin Harold Cabaret
**Included in Festival Pass and with (Night of Show Date) Nightly Pass

Bing Bong is:

  • Becky Markert

  • Zoe Agapinan